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Boxes of Bruges – Classic chocolates

Filled with Quality, Classic, Belgian chocolate.

Start by choosing your box of Bruges. Then choose the tastes you want in your box.

If you want a specific taste, be sure to add the desired tastes in ‘Order notes’ while entering your checkout information.        If you want to see different tastes. Click on tastes below.

Chocolate to experience, Chocolate to  Enjoy !

An irresistible temptation for a moment of delicious pleasure !

Pure gourmet chocolate !




Customize Your own box of Bruges with pralines & truffles, from our classic collection.
Choose the box of Bruges  and the tastes , that You want in your box.


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Quality, Classic, Belgian  chocolate,  with classique  flavors.

Let yourself be seduced by the delicacy and creativity of our chocolate in all its shapes.

“Thank you for your interest in my chocolate

Besides the handmade artisanal chocolates, we also have the regular Classique , larger  in shape, chocolates: 60 % –  55% cacao,  also beautifully finished.

Also ganaches of coffee, mokka, ginger, chili pepper, orange, vanilla, rhum

* Swan of Bruges: praliné with white chocolate

* White manon:  buttercream walnut

* Horse heads : praliné feuilletine

*Original Taste Dark : ganache of chili, ginger

*Original Taste Milk : creme brulee, coconut cream, vanilla cream

*Ganache dark  of 55%cocoa, with speculoos, with hazelnut

* Praliné butter cream, crispy walnut,  praliné crispy hazelnut,praliné feuilletine, speculoos,

* Caramels: butter, toffee fleur de sel, soft butter caramel, scottish sea salt(Dark)

* Coffee, mocha:  milk & dark

* Fruit :lemon, melon, pineapple, raspberry, orange

*Marzipan :coffee, orange, pistache,  strawberry

* Liqueur: rhum ganache

* Seashells & dolphins : praliné

*Also Truffles: cocoa (dark), milk praliné, praliné feuilletine, praliné brésilienne

Truffles with liqueurs: ganache with amaretto, baileys, champagne, cointreau, grand marnier, irish coffee, whisky

* Easter period: Easter eggs filled with different flavors

* Valentine chocolates: praliné, caramel  – sweet  lips : raspberry

* Summer period: pralines with summer motifs, seafood, dolphins, golf ball (white)

* Autumn chocolate :mushrooms, pumpkins, acorns, corn cobs, …

* Chistmas time : Christmas trees, snowmans filled with different flavors


If you want specific taste, be sure to add the desired tastes in ‘Order notes’ in checkout information.

Storagetime : 3 months.

Store at room temperature: 14 to 16 degrees and NOT in the refrigerator.



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BURG SQUARE, small filled (9 pcs.), BEGUINAGE White small, filled (9 pcs.), MARKET SQUARE White, filled (12 pcs.), BEGUINAGE Blue, filled (12 pcs.), BEGUINAGE Sephia, filled (12pcs.), LACE of LOVE, filled (12pcs.), BURG SQUARE, filled (14pcs.)


                           WHITE : Manon & Swan of Bruges  

       DARK : ORIGINAL GANACHE                      


                                        DARK : CLASSIC GANACHE

                                                               DARK : GIANDUJA & PRALINÉ



                                    MILK : GIANDUJA &  PRALINÉ



                                   MILK  CARAMEL

                                     DARK  CARAMEL

                                    MILK  COFFEE

                                       DARK  COFFEE

                               MILK  FRUIT


                                    DARK  FRUIT




                                                                        LIQUEUR  DARK




                                    TRUFFLE  : NON LIQUEUR

                                     TRUFFLE   LIQUEUR



                                                                                                                        X-MAS CHOCOLATE        


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